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2012 Winners

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2012 VI Edition Winners

Best Foreign Fiction


Enrique Vila-MatasEsploratori dell’abisso (Feltrinelli 2011, traduzione di Pino Cacucci)


Enrique Vila-Matas is part of a breed of literary cannibals, those writers who feed on literature itself. His forebears are Diderot, Raymond Russell and W.G. Sebald. Each of his books contains an account of writers who don’t want to write, readers bored of literature, books composed of blank pages, true-life stories that are pure fiction. Explorers of the Abyss is a collection of essays that become fiction, stories that become reality and simple pages by a writer who is too preoccupied with literary truth to worry about staying within the bounds of “the real world” or a dream world.

His style is unencumbered, precise like a scalpel. It feels as though he is just thinking aloud with poetic precision about the essential problems of a sticking to a literary creed.

In one of his other works, Vila-Matas wrote: “I fight against reality with fiction.” Like everything he has written, this is only a mask. With the pretense of combatting reality, Vila-Matas reveals it using his narrative ability and transforms our quotidian world into something clear, luminous, and incredibly moving. 

Best Translation


Bruno Berni for his translation of I figli dei guardiani di elefanti (Mondadori) by Peter Høeg.


Emmanuel Carrère Vite che non sono la mia (Einaudi)

Emmanuel Carrère is a French author, screenwriter and director. He was born in 1957 abd studied at the Sciences Po. Much of his writing, both fiction and nonfiction, centers around the primary themes of the interrogation of identity, the development of illusion and the direction of reality. Several of his books have been made into films; in 2005, he personally directed the film adaptation of his novel La Moustache. His latest books are Limonov, a fictionalised biography of the Russian writer, dissident and politician, which expands beyond the boundaries of both the genre of biography and the person of Limonov, and D’autres vies que la mienne, which recounts the stories of people who have crossed his path. In 2010, he was jury of the Cannes Film Festival and in 2011 he was awarded the Prix Renaudot for Limonov.

Jenny Erpenbeck Di passaggio (Zandonai)

Damon Galgut In una stanza sconosciuta (e/o) 

Jón Kalman Stefánsson Paradiso e inferno (Iperborea)