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2016 Program

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Festival degli Scrittori

Premio von Rezzori – Città di Firenze X Edition

June 6–8, 2016

Monday, June 6

10:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi   |   Map >

Dany Laferrière, The World Is Moving Around Me (66th and 2nd). Conversation with students. Introduced by Simone Fortuna.

11:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi 

Lorrie Moore, Bark (Bompiani). Conversation with students. Introduced by Susanna Nirenstein

12:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

Press Conference with the finalists and jury

16:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

“Novel as Novel” 
Yiyun Li in conversation with Andrew Sean Greer and Caterina Bonvicini

18:30 Basilica of Santa Croce, Pazzi Chapel   |   Map >

Stories We Tell. Lectio magistralis by Etgar Keret. Introduced by Wlodek Goldkorn
Free entry.

21:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

"Novel of the Stranded"
Dinaw Mengestu in conversation with Livia Manera Sambuy and Maaza Mengiste

Tuesday, June 7

11:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi   |   Map >

Mircea CărtărescuBlinding (Voland). Conversation with students. Introduced by Vanni Santoni.

16:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi 

"Humor in the Novel"
Lorrie Moore in conversation with Etgar Keret and Vanni Santoni.

17:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

"The Novel as Witness"
Dany Laferrière in conversation with Elena Stancanelli and Alberto Manguel.

18:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

"Excess in the Novel"
Mircea Cărtărescu in conversation with Bruno Mazzoni and Andrea Bajani.

19:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

The Borges Factor (Edizioni Sur)
Alan Pauls in conversation with Alberto Manguel.

21:30, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

Simona Vinci reading from Bambini di ferro (La Nave di Teseo) by Viola di Grado
Viola di Grado reading from La prima verità (Einaudi) by Simona Vinci
Music by Shedir and Valentino Corvino. Introduced by Fulvio Paloscia.

Wednesday, June 8

11:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi   |   Map >

Dinaw Mengestu, All Our Names (Frassinelli). Conversation with students. Introduced by Raffaele Palumbo.

12:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

Yiyun Li, Kinder Than Solitude (Einaudi). Conversation with students. Introduced by Olga Mugnaini.

16:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

Conversation with Fulvio Ferrari, winner of the Premio for best translation with Martina Testa, Ilide Carmignani and Leonardo Marcello Pignataro.

17:00, Balcony of Palazzo Strozzi

Homage to Gregor von Rezzori,
Reading from Caino. L'ultimo manoscritto (Bompiani) and L'ultima fermata (Guanda) with Andrea Landolfi and Andrea Bajani. Introduced by Luigi Brioschi. Reader: Valeria Solarino.

18:30, Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento |   Map >

Award Ceremony for the X edition of the Premio Gregor von Rezzori – Città di Firenze in the presence of the Mayor of Florence. In attendence will bu the jury for the best work of foreign fiction Ernesto Ferrero (President of the Jury) Beatrice Monti della Corte, Alberto Manguel, Edmund White, Andrea Bajani and Paolo Giordano and the jury for the best translation Martina Testa (President of the jury), Ilide Carmignani and Leonardo Marcello Pignataro.

The ceremony will be the announcement of the winner of the prize for the best work of foreign fiction translated into Italian in the last year, with the five shortlisted authors: Mircea Cărtărescu, Dany Laferrière, Yiyun Li, Dinaw Mengestu and Lorrie Moore.

Announcement of the winners of the Premio von Rezzori - Giovani Lettori, presided over by Alba Donati.