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The jury for the Premio Gregor von Rezzori — Città di Firenze, X edition.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Andrea Bajani is an Italian writer and journalist. In 2011 he won the Premio Bagutta with his novel Ogni Promessa and in 2008 the Premio Super Mondelo, the Premio Recannati and the Premio Brancati for his novel Se Consideri le Colpe. In 2006 he wrote the reportage Mi spezzo ma non m’impiego about the uncertainties facing Italian workers. He lives and works in Germany.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Ernesto Ferrero is an author, literary critic and director of the Torino Book Fair. He has written several novels, a biography, curated a dialogue between Primo Levi and Tullio Regge, and was the Editorial Director of the publishing house, Einaudi. As a critic he writes for publications including La StampaIl Sole 24 Ore and frequently appears as a cultural commentator for RAI. He lives and works in Torino.


Alberto Manguel is an Argentine-born Canadian writer, translator, editor and lecturer. Among his five novels, a book of film criticism and numerous essays, he wrote the widely acclaimed A History of Reading in 1996. Manguel continues to edit a number of literary anthologies and writes a regular column for Geist magazine. He lives and works in the US and has recently been nominated Director of the Buenos Aires National Library, for the "seat of Borges".

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Beatrice Monti della Corte was born to a Lombardian father and an Armenian mother. In 1955 she opened the the Galleria Dell’Ariete in Milan, which for over twenty-years became a centre for international writers and artists. In ‘67 she married the writer Gregor von Rezzori with whom she remained in Tuscany, and after his death in 1998 transformed their house into a foundation for prominent writers from around the world, and has hosted, so far, over 170. She continues to work as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and lives between New York and Tuscany.


Edmund White is a novelist, essayist, memoirist and a professor of creative writing a Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts. In his prolific career he has written over 25 books — including biographies of Rimbaud, Genet and Proust, a play and 12 novels — and in 1989 received the inaugural Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement. He lives and works in New York.